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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Blog Post

Hey, I'd like to introduce myself first and foremost, my name is Mario Lynn and I was born in Nashville TN and raised in New Jersey. This is my first blog post. Right now Im sorta busy, but I will be posting and going to read others posts as well. I'm a cool young African American Im 25 years old and I happen to have a passion for this thing we call Life. Anyways, be looking for my next post. I got some cool stuff I wanna share with you guys that I have been doing in my life and whats been going on man is it exciting. So stop by and read, leave comments, links whatever it doesn't matter, we are all human and we all should communicate. Get to know one another and build solidified relationships. I have so much to share with you World I hope you find the time to know who Mario Lynn is.